Monday, June 29, 2009

How to bring harmony within oneself

To bring harmony in one's life a person has to allow ‘change’. But change itself is preceded by a drive within 'to' change. There are only two drivers to change: one is fear and the other is love.

Most of us change only when we are 'scared enough' into it otherwise preferring to stay within our comfort zones.

People have experienced this fear most at 'crisis points in their lives' where they had to take the step they had been avoiding for so long.

Now Love can also motivate one to change and does so most in the case of a child. A child is curious about things he comes across: a new room, a new toy, the first beard, the ability to hold things, the ability to crawl; he explores them all. The child does not resist change he welcomes it and grows by it.

Unfortunately as an adult a person starts to think he has achieved a lot and therefore starts to ‘rent out’ what he ‘already has’ rather than grow. He rents out things he has acquired such as knowledge, skills, etc.

Now change is inevitable in our fast paced world and everybody will have to face it so it is important to accept it and really approach it as a child does and not with fear and panic.

For example if a person took on the ‘responsibility’ to make the world a better place in some specific way, 'interest' and 'curiosity' will teach him whatever he needs to know to achieve his ambition.

Interestingly one of the secrets of reality is: the greater the responsibility one takes the more he will be enabled by the world around him.

A very helpful and calming tool that has been developed for a person resisting change is meditation. A technique that I learnt of recently is: take a pencil and a paper and put a dot for each thought that comes to your mind. Keep doing this for all thoughts; good ones and bad ones. Eventually all thoughts will ‘pass through’ and one will experience clarity. The same can be done with ‘feelings’ by allowing 'all' feelings good or bad to pass through.

If a person has a dream to make the world better in some particular way, divine grace to bless him as he focuses on the immediate steps and meditation to keep him calm ‘change and harmony’ should not remain elusive.

Interestingly if a person starts to ‘welcome change’ he will notice a shift in his relationship with the 'outside' world. It will shift from ‘getting from the world’ to ‘giving to the world’ where 'taking responsibility' is a way of giving.

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