Tuesday, March 10, 2009

About liking one's job

If you change the rules on what controls you;
You change the rules on what you can control

A very recent discovery I have made however late is that:
Things that you do to earn a living and things that you enjoy don’t HAVE to be the same thing.
If one manages to decouple the two you will make your life a “lot more flexible”

As somebody put it one should not have love in all the wrong places! If you don’t love something you do, you can continue doing it to earn a living and strive in your other time towards your hobbies. If you are passionate about your hobbies you will grow inevitably and you will be able to do your job better than others!

What is a categorical imperative [something that has to be done] is to “keep moving”/”evolving”/”growing”/”discovering reality”/”negating yourself”.

There is a very nice movie by the name of “Stranger than fiction” in which in a point in the movie the main character decides to not do anything the whole day in an attempt to cheat on destiny. So he spends the whole day on the couch not doing anything [he uses a bottle to take a leak]. As the day progresses a heavy vehicle that is used for demolishing buildings, tears apart the wall in front of him [because they had received the wrong address, they were supposed to demolish another building!]. It almost seems that he could never have complete control over himself even if he wanted to i.e. he could not decide what he wanted to do.

If one falls down and injures himself the series of events that will follow are somewhat beyond the capacity of the individual injured. He will do what he is programmed to do. He will “keep moving” and go to the doctor if he has to and do what the doctor says. This is almost as if he doesn’t have control over what he will do!

A paragraph from my article titled About Islam follows:

Everything in this world is related to everything else...Example 2: “Story of how the parents of President Nixon met”. A man fell over a banana peel that was thrown by somebody else and went to the laundry where he met a woman. They fell in love, got married and their son became the president of the United States of America. If that banana peel had not been thrown there the course of the world might have been a little different. This very well could be the story of everybody on this planet!

I think that every individual will leave an impact on this world even if they don’t do anything. Just the act of not doing anything will have an impact!

I therefore think that if I continue to evolve while “earning a living in the best thing I can do” I will inevitably have a great impact on this world.

If you change the rules on what controls you;
You change the rules on what you can control

I do not want to have a great impact on this world!

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