Friday, March 6, 2009

Getting closer to a vision statement

I have been trying to find the vision of people around me and this is what I realized people are doing:

1. Family owned conglomerates in Pakistan: To contribute to the third world, in particular their home country by creating jobs for people. In fact not only creating jobs but in many cases rewarding competence thus making a number of people in Pakistan self-sufficient. In the process even if they make “average profits” [i.e. they do as well as anybody else would have done] they still create something of value to the people of Pakistan in the form of goods and services. ISPs in Pakistan are creating an internet infrastructure on which many businesses rely. Mc Donald in Pakistan creates a recreational opportunity for people. LUMS is creating a challenging environment for students and in such an environment exposing them to a plethora of ideas such that the world view one can develop is not that ordinarily viewed by people in third world countries but one where reaching the vanguard of human knowledge becomes reachable.

2. Person A: In the advertising industry wants to bring advertising in Pakistan at par with advertising done internationally

3. Person B: Wants to create the ideal company through empowering its employees

Having hit upon these ideas I realized that things such as Banking and Business Analysis, a job in Dubai [for the sake of a job in Dubai], journalism, research into partition of the subcontinent [something that inspires many and I can see how: An act of severe irresponsibility on the part of certain parties, led to murder, plunder, rape, hate between India and Pakistan, and many other catastrophes. People researching this area I assume want to learn from history and understand what really happened in an attempt to heal the nation.], working in NGOs, education [creating schools such as The Citizen’s Foundation where the children of the poor are liberated in a fashion that is similar to how people at LUMS are liberated], practicing medicine and curing the ill, financial engineering [complex mathematical work that goes into creating innovative financial instruments. “Mortgages” were once created by I suppose these guys and a blessing it has been for millions. Of course unfortunately the Mortgage-based-securities that were created took down the financial sector of the US recently. In any case the power of financial engineering can be seen just from these two examples] don’t inspire me.

What inspires me is to discover reality and how better to do this then to be at the vanguard of human knowledge. I see this happening in many fields some mentioned above, but as a child the area that has inspired me the most is “genetics”. I have a certain experience in computer science and so I want to discover reality through getting into “computational biology”.

Genetics I think is the future of medical science. In fact the future to not only curing many diseases such as Cancer, AIDS, epilepsy and various neurological illnesses, future of transplantation [developing a liver from the cells of the person and thus eliminating chances of rejection by the body], in a similar way bone-marrow transplants, unlocking higher IQs and perhaps better EQs in people, creating resistance to many biological weapons, unlocking the power of the 80% of the brain that is “not used” by humans.

I suppose if work in this area is being done on this planet I can go join the fun!

I think I am getting closer to a vision!

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