Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The ultimate formula to success

The first part of the ultimate formula to success in achieving happiness requires one to first decide on what to do. For me the answer lies in the five categories I have identified. These categories are learning, focusing myself to think about a problem to get to a solution, socializing, completing chores and finally exercising.

Having identified the categories I had to decide how to tackle each category. For the learning category it required determining what to learn, prioritizing the subjects to learn – the most immediate subjects at any time would be sufficient for this purpose- and finally deciding a time I would dedicate for learning. For the next category which was to focus myself to think about a problem and get to a solution, I used my job as the pivot and practiced it on the work I had to achieve. To be able to handle the third category i.e. socializing I developed rules to socialize, decided time I would dedicate for this task and then practiced the art. The fourth category which was to complete chores I had to do, whatever their nature might be, as long as they were necessary I dedicated a certain time for these chores as well. The final category was to exercise and thus keep myself fit, an activity for which I had to similarly dedicate a specific time.

Having so far decided what to do and having explored a concrete framework for each category the next and most important task to do was to break the barrier to achieve self-discipline. This was a task that had become easier since I now knew where to focus myself. To see how I was progressing in this area I use a technique called the “stop watch” technique. This technique measures the time it takes to get myself to do what I have to do and don’t enjoy doing i.e. the time it takes to achieve a task requiring the exercise of will power. Now to reduce the “stop-watch” time I had three rules. The first rule was the “right here right now rule” which pinned down for me what I had to do in the next five minutes. Having identified the task at hand I would then only think about the problem at hand without exception to any other kind of thought irrespective of how interesting the thought might be. The final step was simply to practice the above two rules and keep getting better at the “stop-watch”.

I think this is the ultimate formula for success and I must say that by far the most thrilling thing to do is to get yourself to do what you know has to be done.

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  1. Its a very good formula and its shows that you have given it a lot of thought. Also the 5 points are well articulated. I think I'll come up with my own formula for success soon :)