Thursday, December 11, 2008

Breaking Barriers

Acts are things we do. Some acts are doable i.e. acts that a person can do. These can be complex or simple acts and are doable owing to the training through cultural upbringing, family upbringing, schooling or socializing. Some acts are not doable i.e. acts that a person cannot do. These too can be complex or simple acts and are similarly not doable owing to the training through cultural upbringing, family upbringing, schooling or socializing. A barrier is some act that is not doable because it is an act one finds difficult to do. An example can be of a person who finds getting into a physical fight doable and talking to a girl not doable. Another person can find it doable to talk to a girl and getting into a physical fight not doable.

Barriers are good because they are opportunities to grow. I will now give an example of a person for whom talking to girls was a barrier and also show how he got over it. This person was raised in Pakistan and went to UK to work. There he worked in a fast food restaurant. He was sent on a workshop and towards the end of his workshop his female instructor talked to him one-on-one and asked him why he never addressed her directly and instead would communicate through his colleagues. After the workshop the instructor called up his manager and asked the manager to send him for another workshop. The second workshop had 92 people: 1 the instructor from the previous workshop, 2 the person himself and 90 women. The instructor from the previous workshop asked him to conduct this workshop which was about dating. He had two options to conduct this workshop: the first was he could teach the material to all of them collectively and the second option was to teach each of them separately. He choose to have a one-on-one conversation with each of the 90 girls teaching them the material directly. After the second workshop the manager of the person promoted him to the counter because of the feedback he received of him. The second result was that there was a constant flock of girls at that counter owing to his social skills and his newly acquired confidence.

It took only 1 week to break a very strong barrier.

A person who can think can educate himself and thus will be able to do anything he wants. The only thing that will stop a person from achieving any success he imagines is the barriers that he has.

This reminds me of a dialogue from a movie I saw and quoted earlier.

Person A: "Embrace the pain Mr. Green"
Person B: "If you change the rules on what controls you, you change the rules on what you can control"
Person A: "Just how radical are you prepared to be?"

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  1. After reading your blogs I found this topic 'Breakig barriers' the most interesting. Not a lot of people make efforts in breaking barriers and heading for the ultimate goal...the 'Happiness' as rightly said.

    It is not easy to work things out and break through that wall which many a times is created by us within. A very few who when faced with a challenge, look for a way, and not a way out.

    Good luck with your breaking barriers and wish you the happiness that you are aiming for because you deserve it :-)