Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How I am going to move forward

There are two essential ingredients to moving ahead:
1.Progress in thought
2.Progress in actualization

I will explain these two “ingredients” below and also explain their relationship.

Progress in thought: Education emanates from “well thought out and processed” material that explains important ideas that can help us predict our environment to a better degree. Each educational experience thus being a “chain of ideas” that have a complementary relationship with each other can help us. However this is only possible if we can “internalize” these ideas, i.e. we understand these ideas and bring them to a level of awareness where we can use these ideas as easily as we can use the ideas of “why we need to open the door to cross it” or “what is left and what is right” (in terms of direction). However there are many books out there and many subjects that vary in degree of complexity.

So the question is how do we decide what to choose to help us progress our thought or “knowledge base”?

What I am doing is analyzing my own blog at the moment. I am doing this by writing a one line description of each of my posts i.e. the central idea of each post and finding the relationships between these statements. What this will result in is the discovery of a few fundamental “concepts” on which my entire blog stands as a table top stands on its four legs.

Having done this exercise I will then look towards Wikipedia to shed more light on these concepts which I can do for a concept such as “justice” by "breaking it down" into its smallest components by removing the clutter of vocabulary in the article to discover the “ideas” embedded in the article. These ideas I will then outline and add to my “knowledge base”. After understanding the concepts related to my blog I will move on to related concepts.

Progress in actualization: The process of “internalization” is not complete till we “|act|ualize” our ideas. This is only possible if you “act” the ideas out. This process of course requires discipline which is simply doing activities in “time-bound” ways. For example we dedicate a certain time to our “job” and actualize the ideas related to our job in that period of time. We then allocation a certain time to “socializing” and actualize our ideas related to socializing in that time period.

Relationship of “progress in thought” and “progress in actualization”: The relationship is that we need to think, then understand and finally actualize thus updating our selves/"our software"/our mind. The process of updating our software continuously and in ideas that we think are most relevant to our lives we can “grow" to "control our environment” in the most “optimum” way.

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