Thursday, September 3, 2009

The relationship between the moment, our choice and its effect

Being in the present moment results in two things [as I understand]:
1. A clear view of the present moment [which leads to visibility of choices] and
2. The choice that is made [by us, in that moment]

The choice can be split further into:
1. The Act; and
2. The Intention behind the act;
With both having their own separate effects.

The section below explains the 'separate effects':

I think actions have good and bad effects. I also think that intentions have good and bad effects.

If a good act is done with a corrupt intention it is going to have a bad effect simply because the corrupt intention is going to cloud your judgment. With a clouded judgment you are bound to make mistakes.

A bad act done with a good intention is also going to have a bad effect in the short run but should have a good effect in the long run. The bad effect is owing to the reality check that the environment will impose on us and the good effect is a clarity one will receive through a catharsis [owing to the initial bad effect].

In each moment we can thus choose an act and inspire it with a noble intention. The more powerful the choice made the more powerful its effect in the real world.

These effects [of good acts/intentions] accrete when launched into the real world like a snowball through a ‘butter fly effect’ to benefit their creator.

And so it is that a gift lies hidden in each moment.


  1. I am so glad you are here and you call us to one of the strongest experiences of Spirit - in the present...I look forward to returning after awhile to receive more of your nourishment for the soul!

  2. It is heartening to read your comment.