Friday, May 8, 2009

Thinking from the heart

Somebody said: “Leave the Church of your mind to enter the tavern of love”.

The mind it has been said earlier judges, fears, envies, thinks itself superior to others and wants to be recognized as superior, loves to live in a “high/elite” culture apart from the rest of the world. While the heart loves; it loves simplicity, wants to help others [is always in search for common ground], enjoys company, recognizes misery, and appreciates effort.

The heart I feel was made to guide the mind and therefore point it to the knowledge it needs.

If we were to ask the question: How should my relationship with person X be?
The answer given from within the Church of the mind will be different from that given from within the tavern of love. This could very well be the case for all relationships.

This is also true for many other questions; a few are given below:
1. What should my partner be like? [marriage]
2. What should my role on this planet be?
3. Is learning a complex-abstract-horrifying process or a simplifying-concrete-enabling process?
4. Is it cool to be an elite, outlier in a group or a popular member who can “relate” to other members and is therefore respected by them.
5. Is my life miserable or a challenge, something I suffer or something that grooms me?
6. Is God bad for creating Satan and permitting sin or good for enabling them to drive us out of our cocoons of foolishness?
7. If I view my past should I worry about the mistakes I made or visit such moments [in memory] as assets – as building blocks of experience.

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