Sunday, May 24, 2009

How to leave the Matrix

To realize we are living in the matrix shouldn’t take too long:

Close your eyes, clear your thoughts of everything. Now open them and take in everything. Ask yourself this:

1. Why am I here?
2. Why do I look the way I look [A creature with two hands, two legs, a torso and a head]?
3. Why is it that my name is X?
4. Why do I have a family?
5. Is it real?
6. Does it even exist?
7. Why? And why in this specific configuration? Why do I need to continue breathing?
8. Where has all this come from?
9. Who turned on the switch to this movie?
10. Who wrote the script?
11. Who set up the stage that I am acting in?
12. Why?
13. But Why?
14. What right now is the perfect most beautiful thing to do?
15. Will this movie keep playing after 5 minutes?
16. Why does it exist like this?
17. Why am I here?
18. What is right and what is wrong?
19. Why is right right and wrong wrong, why do I know these words? Why do they exist? What is the point?
20. I can hear someone, I can feel my back against the chair, let me close my eyes and take in all that I sense [After a few minutes...]
21. Who put me in this Matrix? Why did He do this?
22. Everything I feel right now reminds me of HIM...
23. The deep blue ocean nearby and its waves, the hot blazing sun; the vast empty space between them; I feel this, like I feel the chair, like the sounds all around me, everything exists.
24. And I am at the center. Why do I know all this?
1. Yes I remember now, all of us had stood together and had made a covenant with our Lord.

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