Thursday, May 7, 2009

How to relate better with people

To relate better with people it is necessary to find common ground with them. To improve our ability to do this we should meet people from very diverse backgrounds and empathize with them in as many aspects of their lives as possible to discover principles that they all agree to [even though they may not always act upon these principles].

Everybody will appreciate the idea of resolving an issue in a more non-violent way than a violent way if [the non-violent method] can in fact be shown to solve the problem.

Similarly everybody will appreciate the negative connotation of being helpless because of circumstance and how making an effort to improve one’s condition is commendable [although many would think the amount of effort almost impossible].

Everybody will respect the love between a husband and a wife – [I am sure] societies from all over the world have written literature on the topic.

Everybody will agree that humiliating other people is not acceptable as a general mode of behavior. Once they agree to this rule it can be shown to them how [by extension of this rule] it is not acceptable to humiliate that particular individual they are targeting!

These values and many similar values are commonly agreed to by people.

Once one becomes articulate in these basic values it is very amusing when one meets people who [despite acknowledging these values] are violating them.

I find it very amusing when I come across people who are humiliating others when there is no reason to, are very aggressive when it is not needed, are shy of girls because they don’t understand the beauty and simplicity of a romantic relationship, feel a victim of circumstance when In fact it is only this feeling that is the real problem; in short it is very amusing to come across people who don’t have these basic concepts right and therefore are facing nerve wrecking trouble.

As this structure of knowledge develops discourse with people improves. One can find common ground quicker.


  1. I think you are right, believe in something doesn’t lead us to obey it. And coming across such people can be amusing and more over, maybe a little embarrassing. But can there be really any reason to humiliate others?

  2. Instances of people humiliating others are many. Some of the common one's that I could think of I have mentioned below:

    Rape during a war.

    Torture of a captured enemy during a war.

    Other more common forms I have come across are: humiliating somebody in a peer group to become popular in the group; simply out of a childish notion of success.

    Many times politicans engage in humiliating their opponents and nations other nations. I am sure in many cases these negative emotions are probably nothing more than childish - even though their consquences maybe very harmful.

    I guess humiliting others is something people do because the stupidity of it has not dawned on them.

  3. Viewing the act of "humiliating others" even "hating others" as stupidity has value. It helps me to rise above such instances and get a better view of them.