Thursday, February 19, 2009

From A to A+

“One has to put in effort to get an A in a course but to make that into an A+ one has to be a perfectionist” is what one of my teachers once said. I think there is some merit in this statement in that I see that most people get by in their jobs without always putting in that extra mile but those who put in that “extra mile” may develop an insight in their area of work that is fundamental to achieving success. The more effort they put in this extra mile the more insight they develop because they attempt to see the problem from more angles then others. These extra angles I think are crucial to developing a complete “picture” of the problem. Once this “picture” is developed one can use it to solve similar and related problems.

What one however must be most careful with is not to allow one’s personality to digress into that of a perfectionist. This would be a problem because it might get the work done but it will leave the person always dissatisfied in a way that leaves him unhappy.

Another important realization that I have come across is that what it takes most of the times to get the work done is not “exotic” in nature but is mostly “the mundane”. An example I can give is that of completing a Bachelors degree while living on your own. In this case some very important mundane elements for a complete educational experience are:
• Setting out a routine
• Getting the assignments and studying done as per the routine
• Getting chores such as laundry and shopping done

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