Thursday, February 19, 2009

About "Hard Work"

“Working hard” is a term I have long tried to define. There are many things I can do for a very long period of time and never get tired. Writing my blog, or thinking about things that I put on my blog being one of them. Then there are things that make me tired and these “I think” are those that make me “stretch myself” or make me use my “will power”. I say stretch myself because perhaps I don’t enjoy them very much. Interestingly I sometimes do the former to balance the latter, as somebody might say having a ‘heavy’ discussion with somebody just to refresh myself. (Please do note that there are other ways that I can find to relax as well!)

However, when one starts to feel the pressure and it makes one uncomfortable to a certain degree one might be close to the “stretching point”.

Of course how much you want to stretch yourself is something you’ll have to decide. I think one should be careful to make sure that they don’t push it beyond a reasonable limit. While this stretching point might be “baby’s work” for somebody else it is the “best one can do” and one “must not do more”.

Anybody who keeps pushing themselves in this way will see their stretching point improve with time as well! And very soon it will be as good as anybody else’s!

For the perfectionists out there I hope I’ve touched your hearts!

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