Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Three major threats facing Pakistan

These are:
1) Impact of inflation
2) Terrorism
3) Political instability in the country

Impact of inflation
Oil is becoming expensive globally and Pakistan being a non-oil producing country is bearing the brunt of it. Food inflation is also taking place. Prices of good quality rice (not the highest grade) have gone up from Rs.2000/50Kg three months ago to Rs.3000/50Kg a rise of 50%. Prices of wheat have sky rocketed over the last six months – and have stopped rising now. Daal has also become very expensive – channae kee daal has become Rs.80/Kg, but there is good news: Chicken is around Rs.80/Kg as well. In fact Pervaiz Musharraf mentioned in his speech that the poor should now start eating chicken instead of daal.

Many suicide attacks have taken place over the past few years. I would think this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Political Instability
With rising inflation the political situation in the country is not helping. Politicians have all taken to the band wagon insisting that Pervaiz Musharraf should 'resign'. The media too seems to have avowed vengence. Mr. Itezad Ahsan said during the long march yesterday that the protest of the judicary is now not against Musharraf it is against the parliment. The present government before coming to power had leveraged the judicial protest against the President and are now an opponent of the protest. Infact according to some senior party memebers in the PPP there is a split in the party on this issue. All this effort is dragging away the attention of the parliment from the issues of economic recession and inflation, and the problem of terrorism.

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