Saturday, June 7, 2008

On improving social skills...

To improve your social skills you must continue to ‘decompartmentalize’ (from my previous post) the social interaction process.

People we meet are different from each other, many things influencing each person’s behavioral disposition to others around them, owing to a unique range of environmental experiences and a unique genetic code.

Some people will like you more than others and others will find you boring.

Other than people who have always been charmers, always had charisma, the child prodigies all others I feel have to figure out the charisma.

Their charisma depends on how well they relate to the world around them, ie to how well they have decompartmentalized the real world.

To improve your social skills and to begin decompartmentalizing you need to do two things:
1) You need to invest in being yourself
2) You need to do at each moment what you feel is right

So for example people very close to you will sometimes offer you polar opinions about the same thing. One must listen to each person’s opinion carefully, decide for himself and do what he feels is best. If you keep doing this you will develop a sense of judgment which is priceless. Ofcourse people are one of the sources to learn from the others include: reading, reflecting, television, movies and even music.

When your sense of judgment develops in breadth and depth you will develop charisma.

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