Saturday, March 29, 2008

Why did Imam Hassan (AS) not fight while Imam Hussain (AS) did?

When the prophet of Islam (PBUH) came it was the dark ages in Arabia. Bad was the norm. The message of the prophet was in stark contrast to this bad. It stood out. While collectively people must have wanted change for gradually they started accepting his message together they could not have brought about this change without him.

At the time of Hazrat Ali (AS) this difference between him and Muavia was not that clear to the people. They both wrote letters to each other quoting verses from the Quran. Even today some hold Muavia in respect naming their children Ameer Muavia.

Yazid was not as clever as Muavia and decided to go to any length necessary to kill Imam Hussain (AS). The first attempt on his life was when Imam Hussain (AS) was called to the court of marwan. The Imam went with his companions and told them to enter the court if he raised his voice. When marwan was about to attack Imam Hussain (AS), the Imam raised his voice and his companions came into the court. Thus an attempt on the Imam’s life was averted. The second attempt was when the Imam was planning for Hajj and was informed that assassins will be sent to kill him at Hajj. He then converted his Hajj to Umrah and left early thus averting the second attempt on his life. The Imam left and was stopped at Karbalah by Yazid’s army. On the 7th of Muharram when the water supply to the caravan was stopped the Imam ensured that the battle would not be fought on the grounds of “fighting for water”. Evenutally Yazid’s army declared war on Imam Hussain (AS) and what had started out as an attempt to quietly eliminate the Imam was made public to the world. Hazrat Zainab a member of his family went onto tell the story of Karbalah to the muslims. Yazid was unsuccessfull but Imam Hussain (AS) was successful – Yazidiyat was made public, Yazidiyat was killed.

In the case of Imam Hassan (AS) and Muavia, such a battle did not take place simply because Muavia had decided not to wage a public war on the Imam and for the Imam the priority was not to fight Muavia but preach the people an act that he was doing.

Imam Hussain (AS) till the end did not declare a war on Yazid, Yazid did on Imam Hussain (AS). If Yazid had not declared war on Imam Hussain (AS) then the Imam would have done what his elder brother did and Karbalah would not have taken place.

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