Thursday, April 5, 2012

The role of thought in our lives

The discipline of engineering makes an incredible use of ideas, concepts and thought to construct physically real objects.

In the making of an aeroplane for example, engineers play both with nuts & bolts, and with theories of how best to put them to use.

So while the nuts & bolts are an integral ingredient, the theoretical art of putting them together is the more crucial ingredient, without which the nuts & bolts would never take the shape nor flight of that essential aeroplane.

Thought interestingly can make its way to how we feel, both in good ways and bad. The good side of it is the affect of fables or epic tales of heros - how making us feel good - they energise us.

The bad side of it is how misunderstandings or out of proportion expectations for example that we may hold onto can deplete that same energy.

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