Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Information Technology

Information technology is my domain of work. It is something that was the stuff of imagination (I suppose just a few decades back) and is now a domain that has found a place everywhere ~ homes, offices ~ and in developed countries in their very national infrastructure.

As a kid I used to like thinking about puzzles, analysing them to solve them. I was fascinated by terms such as logic, and loved to indulge in what I thought were interesting logical arguments. It is a blessing that I am earning a living in a field of work that matches so closely with these childhood interests.

IT relates closely to logic, to analysing puzzles, and solving problems. It is easy to grasp since it is concrete and yet wonderful in that it accommodates a significant degree of abstraction. It is concrete because it is structured and has to do with systems. Yet abstract at the same time, in that the more complex a system one drives to architect, the more abstraction one has to deal with.

Something chique I find about this field is how you can create the most powerful solutions working on a single computer by using open source software off the Internet.

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