Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cognitive meditations

You are the essence O Allah and everything ends into You. In your company lies an intoxication and safety from it. O Allah, make me a witness to more of Your beauty that I enter into comfort. And save me, O Compeller from your justice and the severity by which you deliver it.

Be one with; the wonders this world has to offer. The vast Oceans and the depth to which they can take a vessel plunged into them. The planets, each in their solitude rotating within the dark cold region we know as Space - there thousands of lanterns lit that bring perpetual energy and life into our existence!


  1. I am immensely enjoying your posts, specially the vocabulary.

  2. Dear Faraz, Wow, I love picturing these heavenly lights as "thousands of lanterns" and also agree immensely with your posts and the way you develop each meditation with such spiritual unity and to my awareness not ever showing any division in intent.