Sunday, July 25, 2010

Why our experience (of the world) is not flat!

Every book we read or movie we watch; each event we visit and relationship we have; has a tangibility to it and it is this very tangibility through which we know that it even Exists (in the outside world). But behind all these tangible Forms that we come across each carries a unique Meaning within.

Then meeting a person is different from meeting another; the experience alternates between the meaning we give to the first person to the meaning we give to the second (person).

In fact each book and movie holds an alternate meaning. Each visit, each relationship carries its unique specific meaning.

That is why our experience when engaging the world isn't flat...different Forms deliver different experiences because of the Meaning they carry.

To become aware of these Meanings would help us understand our different experiences in our engagement with the world.

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  1. Ramla said: Yes! The world is inherently textured, multi-dimensional. Those who see and sense meaning can increasingly see this texture and play with it. The most naive understanding of the world is flat. It is perhaps the worst interpretation of 'equa...lity' and 'justice' or 'Oneness'. The world is equal and just and One with respect to its own self and totality -- not for one single person who is only a single 'view-point' in this multi-eyed reality.
    Abbas Sahab said: A dull sameness, a repetitive grinding of the tasteless cud of worthless thoughts, the banality of the real world:... this is exactly the job of Satan... to render the world flat!!!