Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oneness vs. Separateness

Oneness: at once it's important to be at the core of our Self which is where we don't exist separately from others and therefore there is no conflict; here there is just ONE all-encompassing Reality...caste, creed, nationality, religion, etc are definitions that don't have meaning; so they naturally cannot separate us from others...

Separateness: (and) at the same time it's important to evolve and become cognitively aware of things that we encounter and become so extremely articulate - that the tiniest thing offers it's unique individual identity, its meaning to us!

and so I think Oneness & Separateness have a yin/yang relationship!


  1. well...people dont have their copy in this world...every living being is different in its making and our MAKER artistic skills made it possible...while WE...even are unique model tried so hard to become different in evaluation or casts or creed as you said forget our own uniqueness...

    hmm...why there is a relationship at all between oneness and separatness....I think only relation if exists...is indirectly propotional to each other....hmm....

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