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What to me is beautiful

My table – when I sat on my study table with my lamp, register, book and pen, the other paraphernalia carefully arranged to make for a cozy environment before the studying began; and then the studying began.

The Start – after a pensive impasse standing behind my chair looking at the book on the table, in the moment, captured by the thought of what I was missing, and then the start – I finally sat down.

The Walk – to Zaka’s, Nabeel’s, Omer’s, off to Ahmer, Bilal through Bahadrabad and the streets that ran within.

The Music – with the curtains drawn, seized by the music, dancing across the room – not on a single beat did I miss a step.

Achievement - THAT is easy, I can do it, what's all the fuss about!

The Realization – Act followed by intense pain followed by the realization that now it has no power over me; I have escaped it!

Understanding – yes it makes sense now. Cool! Does everybody else know this??!

God – He alone is the Judge, Jury and Executioner. Bring it on!


  1. What a refreshing blogposting...I love your approach to goals which have moved this essential topic out of the usual graphs as helpful as they may sometimes be.

    You have so briefly shown the many secrets and joys we discover alone and in interaction with the Self. Then we find no ultimate isolation at all from the many worlds we are a part of personally and beyond.

    We can have in these moments - certainly plenty of pain yet also ultimately genuine freedom, honesty and finally our purpose during rare moments.

    And by the way - I too dance alone - with curtains drawn...a way to pray most free and spontaneously.

  2. Excellent, no other word for this beautiful piece!

  3. Thank you very much Connie and Akhtar Sahab.


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