Sunday, October 26, 2008

How to make use of imagination – taking decompartmentalization to the next level

I have talked about decompartmentalization in one of my earlier posts – read it here. I want to talk about it a little more here and take the concept to the next level.

However I will start with a brief review of decompartmentalization:

Decompartmentalization is viewing the world or reality as a singularity i.e. instead of viewing life in the various compartments in which we are generally accustomed to seeing such as:

1.My life at work
2.My life with family
3.My life with friends
4.My life with children
5.My life in my trip to England/Iran/etc
6.My life in my previous job;

Decompartmentalization then is to view reality not in terms of these many compartments each of which helps us live in our comfort zones but to in fact to view it all as a singularity – a single reality.

The way to do that is to analyze experiences and those compartments, find the similarities and interpret the differences and try to move experiences from one compartment to the other until one’s understanding reaches a point where these compartments become one.

If you have not understood what I mean, pause here and think it might make all the difference in your lives.

Taking it to the next level

To take decompartmentalization to the next level is to increase the limit of the compartment that is your singular reality and this is possible as I understand it in two ways:

1.Through new knowledge
2.Through imagination

Knowledge: New knowledge in books and on the internet or some experience that is completely new and brings with it new knowledge – all of this can increase the limit of the compartment that is your singular reality.

Imagination: The other way to increase the limit of your compartment that is your singular reality is to use your imagination. Now somebody dreams of having a big house one day, somebody else dreamt of putting personal computers in every household in the world, another dreamt of reaching the moon and yet somebody else dreamt of creating one of the most powerful levels of energy from something as small as an atom.

The higher you imagine is as high as you can go! Of course you have to follow up that dream with a lot of hard work, but even if you do that hard work you can only go as high as you imagine.

Taking decompartmentalization to the next level then is to use ‘new knowledge’ and ‘imagination’ to increase the limits of your singular reality.

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