Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Conversation with a friend from Poland

Faraz: is this correct?
Friend-AB: meanings of what?
Friend-AB: linguistics?
Faraz: english philology
Faraz: *philology
Friend-AB: so that must be it ;)
Friend-AB: but it sounds damn complitated ;)
Friend-AB: complicated lol
Faraz: haha
Faraz: but i am very curious AB...
Friend-AB: about what?
Faraz: how does one manage to get doen with their MA in E.P. and not be analytical?
Faraz: b/c i have this notion...
Faraz: that the study of any subject leads you to be analytical
Friend-AB: well I guess you've got to be a very unusual person you know ;)
Faraz: why's that though ? :)
Friend-AB: because I had to be unusual to be in the top of the class and WITHOUT being analytical ;OD
Faraz: that is most amazing AB, most amazing indeed
Friend-AB: hehe ;)
Friend-AB: I know
Faraz: i am obviously missing something from the equation :)
Friend-AB: well you are
Friend-AB: you're missing me as you can't see me
Faraz: it'll take some more time to see you...time and effort are all that are needed to see anything
Faraz: and to solve any equation
Friend-AB: probably
Friend-AB: you sound to be pretty philosophical yourself ;oD
Faraz: well i suppose this must be how the philosophers think then
Faraz: but to be honest this is the only way i know how to think
Faraz: which makes me supremely curious about you :)
Friend-AB: really?
Friend-AB: what do you want to know?
Friend-AB: just ask I might answer ;oD
Faraz: well...hwo you went about your study of the E.P. without analysising the techniques required....
Faraz: b/c without the process of analysiing hwo can one learn?
Friend-AB: yes
Friend-AB: you can do anything you want
Friend-AB: if you really put ur heart to it
Faraz: and by one definition it is teh process of breaking somethign into its parts , understanding the linkages...and so understanding the thing...and thus to be able you use that thing or technique
Faraz: this is how...i would learn even to drive a car
Friend-AB: yes
Friend-AB: lol
Faraz: so what then is it that you are putting your heart to?
Faraz: if not analysis?
Friend-AB: into my friends
Friend-AB: family
Friend-AB: hobbies
Friend-AB: work
Friend-AB: many stuff
Faraz: i do the same....
Faraz: even music, movies....people , you , and everything else that i come across
Faraz: only i analyse it all...
Faraz: try to find the linkages in them all
Faraz: breaking it down till i can see the linkages
Friend-AB: yep
Faraz: this is what i mean by analysising
Faraz: you do the same?
Friend-AB: sometimes
Friend-AB: but I don't think that much
Friend-AB: about things
Friend-AB: I just go with the flow ;)
Faraz: cool....interesting i don't even remember how to do that anymore :)
Faraz: *interestingly
Friend-AB: why?
Faraz: but i suppose i do it just like you analyse
Faraz: me predominantlys spending my time analysing adn you going with the flow
Faraz: *predominantly
Friend-AB: yes
Friend-AB: well I do think at times you know lol
Faraz: well i think to complete myself the kind of a person i need to marry would have to be somebody like you
Faraz: but that is somethign only experience can confirm
Friend-AB: well I do appreciate
Friend-AB: thanks
Faraz: its a pleasure
*Friend-AB smiles
Faraz: *Faraz: feels good....over meeting a cool virtual friend :)
Faraz: i wish i was in school with you btw
Friend-AB: why?
Faraz: i would have gotten to know you better
Friend-AB: ahh
Friend-AB: yeah I guess
Friend-AB: but we're in totally different parts of the world
Faraz: yeah there is that little situation :)
Faraz: well you never know , on one of my trips abroad i might meet somebody like you
Faraz: i'll know where they're coming from (thinking)
Friend-AB: well I hope you will one day
Friend-AB: athough I am not an angel you know
Friend-AB: I have my shady sides ;oD
Faraz: what possible shady side could an enlightened woman like you have...would be worth discovring in itself :)
Friend-AB: I don't know anyone who is perfect
Friend-AB: neither am I
Faraz: well that is true ... but
Faraz: the higher you go up the ladder of enlightnement ....the less shady you keep getting
Faraz: thankgod for that
Friend-AB: we shall see
Friend-AB: once I hit 90 years old ;oD
Faraz: by that time you'd probably be an angel :)

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