Sunday, January 8, 2012

The hope attached with an idealist

"Cynism, it kills the heart..., and that is much worse than stagnation, whereas idealism does not do that, and to say it does not accept reality as it is, is actually a stagnation in the observer’s (of idealism) perception, insisting on the correctness of his reading of reality as harsh and merciless, while it is the idealist, who transcends his own perception of the harshness of the reality he finds himself in, thereby accepting and submitting to the higher Reality that the Creation of Allah does not have any flaws..." SMHR

To add to this: the idealist himself transcends his own perception almost by brute force...when by insisting on the stance he takes and by observing a repetition of his own experience, he is left with no option but to alter himself.

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  1. I concur and yesterday posted a sermon/talk on Martin Luther King to indicate this transcendance which happens among some artists, visionaries and others by their ideals...even when all too human at times.

    See either of my blogs today for that link.

    Thanx for your reflections.