Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The function of memory

Our memories are stored in our body as feelings we can reawaken. The function of memory is to give us access to these feelings. People, places and other stimuli can trigger them and we can consciously bring them to life as well.

To me a feeling is a pulse of energy that flows through our body as a result of an experience that we have. Sometimes an experience we have is so overwhelming that our body entrenches it deep within. So that in response to a similar stimuli a feeling may reawaken. We may not know why, or where it is coming from and logically it may even appear irrational for the time and place it occurs, but our body Remembers!

Fortunately, just like cells in our body store bad experiences they store good experiences as well. Some of these being quite powerful! So that if we take ourselves back to those moments we can reawaken our body and rejuvenate ourselves with that same ENERGY!


  1. Good to see you here again and what an important topic which certainly relates to all others.

  2. Nice explanation!

    m wondering, where does imagination fit in here? in the memory itself or as a separate function? because when u see any stimuli, the whole movie clip starts to play...