Thursday, May 27, 2010

Make me rich

To the work we have
contribute in small steps
and give it our all

To our family
contribute in small steps
and give our all

To our friends,
in small steps contribute
and give them our all -

is more than we need
for a rich life.


  1. There is a phrase which clearly describes your intentions:

    "Do your very best"

    I am thinking of the Four Agreements yet parallels are in all the wise ones...

    Thanx for the reminder...I will carry these wise words with me while with family in a close way for quite a few more days...

  2. Faraz, Connie is so precise when she describes your intensions by the phrase 'do your very best'

    Have always admired your intentions and always see great consistency in them.

  3. Thankyou very much Aunt Connie and Akhtar sahab. That's great - and very useful feedback.