Sunday, November 9, 2008

Left Brained thinking vs. Right Brained thinking

I have been made aware of two different sets of mental faculties that humans are capable of:

1. Analysis – Left side of the brain
2. Creativity, Imagination, Intuition – Right side of the brain

These two attributes are completely different from each other though each set facilitates the other set.

A man or woman can deliberately move from one spectrum to the other through meditation. At the most conscious level we are thinking in a left brained way i.e. we are analyzing. If we are able to sedate ourselves through specific exercises while being awake and go to the level just below the first level –alpha state, into the second level – the beta state, we can stimulate the right side of the brain.

If you are following my post about decompartmentalization or were already aware that the goal of maturity is to be able to view the world as a singular reality you would know that the most abstract thoughts that you carry with you could be translated into the most practical through a process of detailed analysis. By this process you are able to bring the most abstract ideas into existence and into the realm of the practical world.

It is said however that right brained thinking is many times more powerful then left brained thinking and the simple reason for this is that by working at the higher level of thinking – i.e. right brained, you are able to brain storm and come across the most important ideas any one of which could be developed and completed by left brained analysis.

Also the concept of Latafat that I have also talked about earlier essentially lends a person to think in a right brained fashion I would think.

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