Sunday, July 20, 2008

Evolution of the growth process

There are only two ways you can reason:
1) Through deduction
2) Through induction

Anybody who reasons or who learns from his environment does so by reasoning in the above two ways.

Now the more you reason the more you’ll know, so if you give yourself a lot of work to do example by putting yourself in a tough company or in a good university you’ll have a lot to think about and to learn from. Somebody who does this ‘grows’ very fast.

The above method is one of the ways people grow, i.e. exposing themselves to work and learning from it.

To grow however one does not need to confine himself to his work. He can meet experienced people and talk to them, read Ghalib and try to make some sense of it, listen carefully at the lyrics of music that he listens to, and pick something up from a movie that he watches. If he gets an opportunity to read an article from a magazine he adds that to whatever else he knows. In other words he uses everything around him as an input to the induction and deduction process and uses it to build his body of knowledge.

(Another treatment of this argument can be found in my post: decompartmentalization)

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