Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Reasons for [a non-religious person] to not get into Prostitution in Pakistan

1. You could be black-mailed.
2. Once you get into contact with pimps other then black mailing you if they see you as a weak person they could extort money from you because you are weak and they are strong and they have no moral obligation to not extort money from you.
3. If the police catch you they can extort you by filing a case of rape against you.
4. No medical check-ups in the prostitutes: This is not a regulated industry so the prostitutes are exposed to all sorts of diseases some of which such as Herpes Zoster are communicable through skin.
5. It’s addictive: If one gets involved in prostitution it’s hard to get out especially when there are no other sexual outlets.
6. I don’t know the psychological impact it will have on a person but that is an important area to look into.

In Amsterdam prostitution is legalized which means this:
1. If somebody harasses you, you can go to the police and take help
2. Prostitutes go through regular checkups and have a medical record that you can demand to see.
3. Pimps can probably be sued if a customer gets infected.

In Singapore:
Brothels are part of the malls. It is almost like you go to Park Towers and there is a brothel there!

Added on 26 March 2009
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